Evidence Based Practice

Parent feedback at the Let's Play Developmental Therapy Clayfield clinic

Evidence-based practice refers to models and practice that have been subjected to research and testing. Let's Play Developmental Therapy Pty Ltd prides itself in using therapy techniques that have been trialled through research and in the clinical setting to have positive implications for the progress of children with difficulties and special needs. This includes the DIR/Floortime model, Sensory-Motor interventions, Social Thinking and Zones or regulation approach.

Kylie Marquenie is also committed to furthering her knowledge and skills through regular professional development courses, mentoring by other DIR/Floortime health professionals, and studying new material and research. Finally, Kylie would like to one day continue with some formal academic research, building on her co-authored paper "Dinnertime and bedtime routines and rituals in families with a young child with an autism spectrum disorder" (published June 2011).

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